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Me looking at flowers: if I was a fairy I would totally use this as a dress


y’all r gettin way too accurate with these it’s scaring me


Tomorrow will come again, but that guy is no longer here.
It’s a love letter addressed to our good-bye | X |




back to school commercials


back to school commercials after graduation





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Because I’ve been getting asks about it ALL DAY and I love some of you but you are really clogging up my messages between friends and I just want to have a clean askbox right now that isn’t about “shota.” And I’m going to be very brief because it isn’t difficult to comprehend. At first, I really put thought into it and thought ‘Well I rarely use the word shota, if I have to change my face tag, then so be it.” But the thing is, shotacon and shota are not the same thing??

I really don’t need to explain what the fuck shotacon is (go read the wikipedia article about it or something) but I’m going to go ahead and direct you towards the omocat drama — the entirety of what this person added is going to be backup for my point.

Words change over the years. People associate the term “shota” as “cute boy” nowadays. It isn’t anything new, if anything, it made the word a lot more practical and a lot more docile. This is something that really bothers me about the community here: you’re going crazy over a word, a word that has been beaten and battered to the point that the definition changed.

The term shota literally is just “young boy.” Are we going to disband the use of “loli” then? If anything, loli has been abused just as much but no one seems to be getting angry about that.

My point is: shota and loli? Young boys and young girls.

Shotacon and lolicon? Pornography depicting underage girls and boys.


These are the main characters of my mask story I’m still working on. I’ve posted a bit about them before but thought I’d do a revisit, having developed them a little more (though I still haven’t given them names >.>;;)


Words of wisdom from Ron Swanson.

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